Gatherings @ The Rock

As God’s people we have been on a significant journey of transformation over the last 12 years and we continue to be. It has been this journey of the Spirit, which has seen us sell our building and leave the Sunday service wineskin as our main focus and embark on and lay hold of, a much more intentional discipleship focus.

This new discipleship focus of transformation has us meeting all over Wellington in smaller clusters called Pods as per the video on the front page of our website. The Pods mainly meet during the week, at different days, times and different places, from homes to cafes etc. The main purpose of each Pod is spiritual growth and maturity.

As part of this new way of being we also have dinners for everyone who is in a Pod, where every Pod comes together over a meal and we as Pods celebrate what the Father is doing amongst us all. These times include praise, prayer, the hearing His Word and ministry to Him and one another.

If you would like to know more or be part of a Pod please email

We also have All in gatherings where we bring every family member together of every age group, hang out together and enjoy one another’s company, sharing and celebrating what Jesus is doing in our lives.

The dates for the Pod dinners and the All in gatherings are on the calendar below and you will also see images and a link for each gathering which you can also click on for more details.

To view our full calendar, click HERE.

Our regulars

There are no events currently listed, but check back again soon or get in touch with us to find out more.