Discipleship Resources

Jesus said, “Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.” Jesus patterned for us what discipleship looks like by walking intimately with twelve men, allowing them to see and learn from every aspect of His life. He was transparent before them revealing who He was and His purpose for being with them. His mission was to lead them to His Father and in doing so they would become like Him and accomplish the same purpose He was called to do: to glorify His Father and fulfill His Father’s will. These resources are designed to help us discover and live out this relational discipleship together. Building upon themselves these resources will help you dig into what it means to be His disciple and a member of His body and family. We encourage you to get alongside others and spend time seeking, asking and knocking for a greater revelation of who He is, so that you, like the disciples, will be transformed into His image and bring glory to our Father fulfilling His will.


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RD notes

Relational Disciple

Jesus, our example, discipled twelve people by living with them for three years. He modelled discipleship as He lived, walked and ate with them. He taught them through parables and real life object lessons. Kingdom culture is all about walking with God and one another in discipleship.


When we look at scripture, we see a two-sided coin in operation in relation to God’s love. One side has to do with God being love, the source of love and that we are never to separate God from love. The other side has to do with our coming to know and having a deep rooted conviction of God’s love through experiencing the same.


Vision in the Kingdom of God is Sight. It’s seeing as God sees. Without sight, we are walking blindly. The bible teaches us that without vision the people perish or are unrestrained. One must start with accurate vision or sight (God's), otherwise our primary purpose will be incorrect.


The key to vision is hearing. Hearing precedes Seeing. Hearing is the key to faith. What does it mean to truly hear The Word and to walk in the life of the Spirit?


The primary purpose of receiving the Word of God through the revelation of the Spirit, is to know God and to know His calling for us. Have you ever asked what God’s primary purpose is for His church and what is the hope of His calling for her?

The Life Changing Gospel

Do you know the gospel that changes you from the inside out? Have you experienced the Power of the transformational gospel of the Spirit or have you experienced the intellectual gospel of information? Join us as we unpack The Life Changing Gospel that is revealed by the Spirit and the Spirit alone.

Bird's Eye View

We have been granted to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God and yet, just like His disciples, we at times can find ourselves struggling to hear, see, receive and understand what God is saying in relation to Himself and His purposes for His church. Paul said that God has given us His Spirit so that we may know the things freely given to us by God, which things we also speak, not in words taught by human wisdom, but in those taught by the Spirit.


Over 6 weeks we will dig into the promise of God’s Divine Power for His people. We will dive into a number of passages which are Spirit and Life and declare the spiritual, eternal dimension the people of God are to know and live from.


Over 6 weeks we will explore the great mystery of Priesthood. While there is much we can learn from the Levitical Priesthood it is but a foreshadow of something far greater that was yet to come. We are His holy ones and as His holy ones we are to be partaking of the heavenly calling, to minister to our God and His people. To enter this priesthood we must first have entered into the High Priest because this Priesthood is not based on physical bloodlines but on the power of the indestructible life!

Four Stages of Christianity

In this resource we will unpack what we are calling, “The Four Stages of Christianity”. These stages are a major factor in our transformation into His image, taking us from the incorporated follower who has Jesus as a part of their lives, to being made one in Christ, where Jesus is our very life. We will unpack each of the four stages: Give Me, Use Me, Break Me, Make Me.

Who is Our Teacher?

We have all attended school and we have all had teachers who have attempted to impart their knowledge of a subject to us. We understand the role and purpose of a teacher in the educational institution, but who is our teacher when it comes to spiritual kingdom matters? Who is teaching us all there is to know of God, who we are in God and all His kingdom mysteries and truths?

A Life of Righteousness

A life of Righteousness lived out on earth, is something which every follower of Jesus is to desire and aspire to be able to model, as this is a Christ like life. Jesus Himself lived out a life of righteousness unto His Father, and we to are to imitate this life of righteousness.

The Book of John

Described as the disciple Jesus loved, John had a close relationship with the Messiah. In his gospel John shares his revelation of who The Word made flesh was and is. Unpack the mysteries held within John’s gospel as he shares his testimony of walking with God’s Son.

Identity - Sonship

Knowing who we are in Him, and who we are called to be, is one of the most profound revelations we can receive. This revelation will birth and form His life within us. In this resource we will look at some of the characteristics that describe our identity in Him as, Sons. Before we begin with the characteristics of who we are in Him, we must first discover who He is. Knowing who God is through the power of revelation is the key to knowing who we are in Him.

Identity - Bond Servants

Knowing who we are in Him, and who we are called to be, is one of the most profound revelations we can receive. This revelation will birth and form His life within us. In this resource we will continue to unpack some of the characteristics that describe our identity in Him. We have looked at sonship and what it means to be a son of God, now we will unpack what it is to be a Bond Servant. If we don't know what it means to be a Bond Servant we will never fully understand or appreciate what it is to be a son.

Identity - Soldiers

We have unpacked our identity as sons and bondservants. The next element we will look at is one we tend not to look at very often, Soldier. Would you consider yourself to be a soldier? What does it mean to be a soldier in God’s army? If we are soldiers are we to go into battle? Who are we battling against? What is it about a soldier that God wants to reveal to us about who we are in Him? Let’s dig into the scriptures and unpack what it means to be a soldier.

Identity - Saints

So far in our identity resource we have unpacked Sonship, Soldier, Bondservant, and on a previous resource, we have looked at Priests. For the next aspect of our identity let's turn our attention to what it is to be a 'Saint'. Some may describe 'Saints' as people who walked with Christ such as 'Saint Paul' or 'Saint Peter', others may describe a 'Saint' as someone who does a lot of nice things for others such as 'Saint Teresa' or someone who does a lot of miracles... let's unpack what it is to be a ‘Saint’.

Identity - Disciples

For the next aspect of our Identity we will unpack what it is to be a disciple. We are called and chosen to be disciples of Christ. What does this mean? How do we become and be disciples of Christ? What does the life of a disciple look like? Join us as we work our way through this resource unpacking another element of who we are in Him.

Renewing the Mind

In this resource we will unpack 9 key truths in relation to our personal transformation. These truths will define and determine the life we can access and possess in Christ. We will cover the carnal mind and the mind of Christ, the renewing of the mind and the impact having the mind of Christ will have in us, as our minds are renewed through the Spirit.


In Revelation 2 & 3 Jesus writes to 7 churches making them fully aware of their true spiritual state as He sees it giving them an opportunity to come into the overcoming life and reward (the promise) while making them aware of areas they need to repent of that would otherwise prevent them from receiving the promise. In this resource we will look at who the “overcomer” is and what it is to be an ‘overcomer’, and then we will address each church and the report given to them by Christ Himself, both the positive and the areas that need addressing urgently.

Faith the Currency of the Kingdom

Have you ever asked God how He defines Faith? He says, it is impossible to please Him without it, so shouldn’t we check we know what Faith is and what it means to live by it? That’s exactly what we are going to unpack in this resource. What is true biblical Faith, how do we come into Faith? How does Faith enable and define the way we live our lives on earth?

Spiritual Family

When Jesus was told His “family” had arrived and wanted to speak to Him, He responded by saying “Who is my mother and who are my brothers?... For whoever does the will of My Father who is in Heaven, he is my brother and sister and mother.” Jesus put spiritual family before His physical family and He calls us to do the same. What does this mean? How does our spiritual family become first in our lives while still honouring our physical family? These are some of the questions we will answer as we go through this resource.

The Wilderness Dilemma

If you have only known the wilderness as a place of darkness, death and despair join us as we unpack the true reality of the Wilderness in Him. This resource will declare to us the promise of the life that is concealed in the wilderness, for all those who are willing to trust Him and others and walk this out together. A bold and courageous spirit is required for all those who will undertake this journey of the unknown, and allow God to reveal the wilderness which is flowing with milk and honey, while being concealed in a barren and dry land.

The Holy Spirit

When Jesus was preparing to return to His Father’s side He promised His disciples and us that He would ask His Father and He would send us a helper. His Spirit who would never leave us and would abide in us. He will lead us into all truth and reveal the son within us so we to may live as He lived on this earth. In this series we are going to unpack what it is to be born of God’s Spirit. It is essential we, as His followers, are not only born of His Spirit but are born of His power, which is received through the Spirit enabling us to live lives in and of the Spirit and walk in the manner Jesus walked when He was on this earth.


In this series we will unpack the true meaning and purpose of marriage. Beginning with the original marriage covenant between God and His church, before moving on to our physical marriages viewed through this lens. Offering both spiritual and practical insight into building a marriage that will be a reflection of the covenant He has with His church.