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17th October 2014

Living from His Presence

Greg Simnor

Hi Family,

Key thought this week: "We are to live our lives from the presence of God."


Ask yourself this question: “Do I spend more time seeking and pursuing the presence of God, or living from the presence of God?”

These are two very different positions.

As a follower of Jesus Christ we received His presence, His Spirit, the day we made a commitment to follow Him wholeheartedly[1] . His Spirit came to live and make His home IN US, and because of this we can now live our lives from His presence.

Learning to live from the reality of His presence is a life long process that was made possible through the work of the cross which we all received, and continue to receive as we are sanctified into His likeness, and it is imperative we understand it continues to be a process[2].

Through Jesus' death and resurrection everything required for us to come into a Spirit-filled life was accomplished. All barriers to God’s presence were removed. Everything we need to live this life now has already been given to us.

No longer do we need to look for rest, our rest is found in Christ[3] whom we already have, we just need live to live from what He has already given us. No longer do we need to look for peace, we have been given a peace which transcends all understanding, we just need live to live from what He has already given us[4]. These are just two examples of the gifts we have already received that are we need to recognise and live from, rather than continue to ask for and pursue.

If this isn't your reality today, be encouraged, it can be. God knows what is holding you back from living in the revelation of His Spirit, so be courageous and ask Him to show you what that is, and ask yourself honestly, do you actually want to live your life from the presence of God?

There are people in our community who are living from His presence already, and we can learn so much from them. You will know them from how they speak, and the example of their lives. Take the initiative to ask these people to share the story of how this reality was birthed and continues to mature in them. And can I encourage and urge us all today to continue to ask God for the breakthrough in this area. We don’t need Him to give us His presence, we need the sight to see that we already have it!

Have a favoured week,


[1] Ephesians 1:13, Romans 8:9-11
[2] Philippians 1:6
[3] Matthew 11:28
[4] Philippians 4:7