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15th November 2019

The Root of Self (3)

Greg Simnor
As previously mentioned this root is hidden in our inner most being and can only be detected and uprooted as we come to the end of our selves. Coming to the end of ourselves requires a breaking of the spirit of self, which is embedded in the DNA of our fallen nature.

Jesus spoke to the religious leaders of His day who were firmly entrenched in this root, controlling people and preventing people from the eternal kingdom life. He said “everyone who falls upon the Rock will be broken into pieces”. He said those who reject the Stone, the Stone will fall upon and crush them. Certain Jews rejected the Stone and would suffer this fate but everyone who fell on the Rock would be broken into pieces.

What kind of height does one need to fall from to have the spirit of self broken into pieces? A GREAT height! When one only falls from a medium or small height, one is only chipped and cracked, and the spirit of self is shaken, dusts itself off and continues to live. It has not been broken into pieces as Jesus promised, because the fall was small.

The fall represents REPENTANCE.
How great was your repentance, the day you acknowledged your absolute need for Christ. Did your repentance come as a shout from the depths of your inner most being, where you raised a hallelujah in the acknowledgment of the death of self and breathed clean air for the first time, because you received the DNA of heaven, the Root of Love.

Do you have a reference point for what I am describing? If this isn’t your experience you probable still have the Tap root of self in you, which is why you still struggle to deny yourself and love mankind as Jesus commanded. This root must be dealt to once and for all so spend time with the Father and ask Him to release you from it through His power and your repented heart.