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15th November 2019

The Root of Self (2)

Greg Simnor

Have we ever tried to rip out the Tap root of a plant in our own strength. It takes a mighty effort and more often than not it requires one to receive help from an outside source.

The Tap root has its foundation firmly anchored and grounded deep into the earth and gets all its nutrients from the earth to feed and keep the plant that it is embedded to alive.

Paul said we are to be rooted and grounded in love. In other words our Tap root is to be God as God is love. It’s one thing to say my Tap root is Christ and yet it is an entirely different reality to KNOW and experience your Tap root as Christ.

This is a Tap root that can never be ripped out no matter what the force or pressure and stands up to everything that is thrown at it.

When Christ becomes our Tap root our lives are anchored into the Kingdom of God. No longer do we look to receive our nutrients from this physical earth as we have been re-rooted and established in a brand new kingdom.

Once this Tap root is established we become the recipients of this brand new life in our inner most being. Deep from within us starts to flow the nutrients of this brand new Root, giving us incredible power and life on the inside of us.

This is not something we are trying to produce, it is a life that is being produced from having this new Root system, the Root called Love.

Are we experiencing this new life on the inside of us or are we still connected and embedded in the root of self. If we are not yet free from the Tap root of Self, make seeking the Lord and being found in prayer your number one focus and priority. Through this act of humility, obedience and trust, the Father will perform a deep work within you, releasing you from one Tap root and establishing you into an another.

Ephesians 3:14-20.