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15th November 2019

The Root of Self (1)

Greg Simnor

“I give the letter s in Self a capital because Self is a god. Self is a god with a little g but nevertheless self is a god. As followers of Jesus Christ I pose a question to us all.

Has the root of Self (god) been ripped out of your inner most being place, the hidden place deep within the recesses of your heart, through the power of the Gospel?

Has the Word of God, the gospel, found its way in to the deep recesses of your fallen human nature and set you free from you?

When I say this I don’t mean theoretically, verbally, in principle or intellectually but experientially. Have you experienced deep within your inner most being this freeing work of the power of the gospel? Jesus said it this way. “My truth makes you free” and He will
continue to make us free the more we experience Him. He is the Way, the Truth, the Life. He is not a process but a person.

Only when we have experienced the power of this work will we be free from the power of our fallen nature, the god of self and find ourselves able to love as Jesus loved and as Jesus commanded us to love.

Memorisation of scripture doesn’t do this work. The proclamation of scripture doesn’t do this work. Only through the REVELATION of the Word of God deep into the inner most being place, the deep hidden recesses of your heart, does this powerful transformative work take place, freeing us from our old human nature.

If we are truly going to be the church Jesus said we can be, and who He called us to be, we must all experience the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ and not just have a mental and verbal agreement of the words of the gospel.

If you know you are yet to experience this deep powerful work within you, today is the day for it to be done.

Don’t wait any longer in seeking the Holy Spirit to perform this deep work within you that only He can do. I guarantee you, when He performs this work through your confession and surrender, you will wonder what you have been doing all this time!!!!