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3rd April 2015

Letter or Life?

Greg Simnor

Hi everyone,

Thought for this week: "Are we obeying the letter of His commandments without the corresponding life of His commandments?"

If our obedience does not bring life then we are missing the whole purpose of the commandments. Anyone can apply self-control and obey a rule, but God is calling His people to a greater revelation that awakens the life of the commandments in us. Peter said God has given us His precious and magnificent promises so we can partake of the divine nature[1]. Did you catch that? “ that we can PARTAKE of the divine nature”!

What is this divine nature we can participate in? God’s nature is His love, His joy, His peace, His faithfulness, His holiness, His righteousness and all His other communicable attributes that through His Spirit well up from within us.

The ultimate purpose of God’s promises is to lead us into His divine nature. Can you honestly say that you are partaking of this? Be encouraged, it is fully possible, for in God ALL things are possible[2]. The only thing that holds us back is our unbelief.

I will be sharing on the divine nature - particularly His love, joy and peace - over the next coming weeks to bring greater clarity to the life He wants to release in us and from which we can live the abundant life He has offered us.

My prayer is that we are meditating and marinating in these thoughts that are being shared and we are allowing Him to define our lives through His word.

Have a favoured week,


[1] 2 Peter 1:4
[2] Matthew 19:26