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24th March 2020

This is My Time

Noel Mendoza

Hi Family,

This got me up at 2am this morning..

"Be still and know that I am God, I will be exalted upon the earth. Behold everything and anything that has raised itself against me, I am bringing low.

I am stilling your busyness oh man. I am shutting your mouth. I am laying waste every idol, every foundation, every hobby, every dependence and reliance. Everything that can be shaken is taken away that only I the unshaken will remain. The world and its systems have come to halt, wheels stopped turning, knees brought low and hearts made ready for the King.

In the wilderness, in the desolation and stillness, in the non-doing and undoing, you will find Me. In humility and gentleness you will behold Me. Reach out, groan and cry if you must. Call upon me and I will hear. I am your Saviour and today I will be your Lord.

Playtime is over. Look, the coming waves have lapped up the sandcastles you have built and lived in. Its time to come home. Return to where you were made and where you were truly destined to be. Your place from the beginning, your place by Me.

Arise now, leave your playthings behind and take your place. Get ready for My return. I, your glory await. Now that I have wrenched you from your busyness, now that i have gotten your attention, now that i have given you time...Become!.

Arise shine for your light has come. The glory of the Lord is upon you. Live and breathe from My being. Take up your mat and walk. Throw away everything that hinders, run with all your might. My power is made perfect in weakness, My joy is your strength. Fear not, take courage, don now your robes and trim your lamps for you are called into such a time as this.

This is My time. Now is My time. You have called me Saviour, today I will be your Lord."