The scriptures declare that creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God in the earth. This is what the Father has chosen and called His church for. To be and become the sons of God that walk in the manner in which Jesus walked this earth. To be on earth as He was.

This apostolic and prophetic gathering of the saints over these 3 days will see the apostolic and prophetic grace gifting’s releasing the utterances of Gods Word for us all to receive for the purpose of our maturity as sons. This will be a time of praise, prayer, engagement, impartation and empowerment, to equip us all into becoming who we are in Christ.

Warning: This gathering isn’t for the purpose of spectatorship but participation in what Christ is going to do in and through us all. 





  • Thursday, 30th April, 7pm to Sunday, 3rd May 2020
  • The Rock Church (10/4 Glover Street, Ngauranga, Wellington)
  • Free Admission 
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  • Speakers:


  • Greg Simnor, Senior Leader, The Rock Church
  • Steve McCracken , Executive Director, David McCracken Ministries
  • Jonny Gilling , Follower of Christ, South Africa
  • Sam Willis, Board of Elders, The Rock Church
  • Registration:

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    You are also most welcome to email  with any queries or concerns regarding the event.  Thank you so much.