Our Elders discipleship groups are an environment for training and equipping our discipleship leaders to lead more effectively. Please see below for the Elders discipleship notes from the “Purpose” Series. Click the title to view the notes.


  1. To Know God and to be Made Ready as His Bride
  2. Perfected in Unity/Oneness with the Groom and His Body
  3. Perfected in Love Empowers us to Love as Jesus Loves
  4. Perfected in Love to Be and Become His Disciple.
  5. Presented to Christ as a Pure Virgin.
  6. Being Sanctified in Truth Establishes and Builds the Pure Virgin.
  7. Five Wise & Five Foolish Virgins.
  8. Led Astray in Your Minds.
  9. The 2 Greatest Tests.
  10. Perfected in Love - Losing One's Life for His Sake.
  11. Make Disciples.